Monday, July 27, 2009

My first post/ Hula Day / Simple Hula Skirt Tut and warning

My work place has occasional "Fun Days". These have a theme and a prize is given to the person that best fits the theme. Last Friday was Hawaii day. I decided that I needed a hula skirt to complete my outfit. Didnt feel like buying one either, so I did a search and found a few suggestions. One lady had just taken a green garbage leaf bag and cut it into fringe.

Well garbage bags I had, but they where white, but I also had a big deluxe box of new sharpies also. So bags where randomly covered with Sharpie sribles in radom paradise colors. Cut into strips and attached to and the Uber Hula Skirt of Doom was born. One bit of warning to anyone thinking, Lets go make a hula skirt, this thing was hot and had massive amounts of cling to everything. And you will loose to the girl in the coconut bra.

Sense the skirt was a bust I am taking the strips and fusing them toghether to make ribbon yarn. Not sure what I am going to do with. Maby a cut in half again and use a flower loom, Or make a doormat. Weave an easterbasket. Make million zillion on Esty selling Garbage Bag Hula Skirt ribbon : )