Monday, August 10, 2009

Recycled, Reclaimed on Etsy - Toys and Minutares

When I feel the creative vibe leave me, I window shop through etsy. No I do not do this to steal ideas or too copy cat. It is more like looking at fine painting and going " Hey those colors look great together I should make a necklace with those colors". So here are some picks from the Doll section. These use recycled, upcycled and reclaimed stuff. Enjoy. - has a bunch of cute junk bugs and angels - Made from reclaim yarn and cute as a button. - Made from reclaim sweaters. Love the fact that the colors are monocromatic. Ussually patchwork stuff clashes so much it looks garish. - I ussually like the recycled stuff that doesnt scream recycled, but it has grown on me. - Doll wardrobe made from an old jewelry box. I just love this idea. I have never found these things to be good for there entended purpose, glad someone finally has.

Well that all I have for now, hope you enjoy.

Trash is renewable reasource, we just need to figure out what to do with it

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