Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ring Stand Part 2

Well do to the super stinky nature of melted number 5 plastic. I went back to the drawing board and came up with new stand. This comes from a juice bottle. I used a juice bottle over a soda bottle, they tend to made of thicker plastic. This is number 1 plastic. You could probley use number 2 plastic, but I find number 2 is hard to cut with scissors and has a nasty edge when cut with a hot knife.

1. Trace the outline of each hand. I did it as if I was holding it with both hands. With my middle finger almost touching the brim. Basically a way you would never handle a bottle in real life. I also trace a bit of my arm at the bottom for bracelets.

3. Now just cut out the outline.

I did leave a bit at the bottom to make a bowl/tray for loose stuff. On the pick above you can see the left over bit. What I love about this is because you are using your own hands for measurements it will fit your rings. The red ring above is a size 16 us. I happen to have large fingers. If you want something that looks less modern just cover the hands with an old pair of gloves. You could also punch some holes in palm for earrings.

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