Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Polyethylene Goggles for the metal hypersensitive members of the community

Allergic contact dermatitis due to metal hypersensitivity effects any where from 5 to 25 percent of the human population.

Being one of those effected by a mild nickel allergy I went to work to design goggles that had no metal parts.

These lovely goggles will not clash with a lab coat or a fine leather trench coat.

The goggles are hand crafted from reclaimed recycled soda plastic. The beads, lens, and lens frames are handmade by me. The large green beads are hand colored in a variety of shades of green and brown. The smaller beads and frames come from naturally brown plastic. The lens are attached to the frames with a bit of artificial sinew. There nose bridge can fleck to fit a variety of face styles. The band to go around the head is has elastic quality for easy removal. The lens are from naturally green plastic and have been edged in a darker green.

The lens can be changed out for a brown or clear as needed.

------- Please note these are not true safety goggles. They are sturdy but I will not be held legally responsible for random acts of mad science or high adventure.

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