Sunday, September 20, 2009

D9Z – Steampunk style finger gun

This little finger gun is called the D9Z – Discretion 9 Zillion. Currently sporting a size 10 us ring. This can be replaced free of charge just let me know your the circumference of your chosen finger. If you do plan on wearing this over gloves or something similar please measure with the item on.

Sense the postal service forbids the shipping of real weapons of mass or small destruction, you will be purchasing a gun casing only. .

The gun casing is made from recycled plastic. The gun body and barrel received an under coat of brass and then an over coat of browns and greens to give it an aged look. It has a 4 barrels coming out of the front. The barrels are bound with a ring of green plastic. The top of the gun has a large green, black and brown bead attached to the gun body with a green plastic stick.

This is meant for adults. Children should not have ray guns of any kind, they might shoot their eye out.

******** On a more personal note I currently resowing my steampunk outfit. The fabric was originally slightly stained and pastel. So I decided to try tea dieing. The bucket must have had some kind of chemicals in it that ate the thread that had been used on the seams. This did not stain it well enough so then I got some demin blue die. During the washing process most of seams cam undone. Now I sit and have to resew most of it. Ugh. There is reason no sewn items are in my shop. My sewing skills are barely above sewing buttons.

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