Sunday, September 13, 2009

Soda Bottle Coin Pouch tut and more

This is a tut to make a coin purse out of soda bottles plus a few extra ideas. Last year I saw the below picture on Treehugger and wanted one for my own.

1.small scissors – like using cuticle scissors for this
2.2 bottles – Does not need to be the same brand, but I do recommend sticking with 2 of the same rough size.
3.A strip of lined paper
4.some tape
5.sharpie marker
6.something to clean the bottles with – I like using wipes
7.some thread
9.zipper – I tend to go with a zipper that is just shorter than the full width of the circumference
10.push pins – other options are available, will go over that in a moment
11.Hole poking board – like a stack of cardboard or some hard foam. I like using the hard foam arm rest from my keyboard
12.may need a small piece of fabric or ribbon to extend the zipper so it goes all the way around

1.take a sharpie and mark just above where you want the final cut to be.

2.Make your first cut just above this line, it OK if it is a bit rough.

3.Make a second cut just below the line.
4.Take the strip of lined paper and tape it around top edge of the soda bottom. The picture shows the lines facing out, but they should be facing in. You want to be able to see the lines best from the inside. Basically do as I say, not as I did.

5.Now take the push pin and poke holes evenly around the top. I space these about ¼ inch to ½ inch down and about ¼ inch apart. You can use other things to punch the holes, like a small hole punch.
6.Sew/lace the zipper on. I tend to prefer to add a bit of fabric to lengthen the zipper than to reduce the zipper size.

The basic concept can be used for other things. Like my sharpie box and the little vase. Many things can be done to give these a more spiffy look. Like using a fancy stitch, like a leaf stitch. Or adding a bit of fabric to back edge of the zipper to give it a more finished edge. Every brand styles there bottles differently so really the sky is the limit.

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