Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sir George - My entry into the Creatures of 9 contest at Deviant Art

The contest is over at

I had fun trying to think of how to do this.

Took me a long while to come up with an idea for this. Recycled plastic is my medium of choice, and well plastic and steampunk rarely go in the same sentence. Sense plastic and glass have similar looks I thought of how a junk bot would look if it was born in a lamp shop.

The body casing comes from the top of a mountain dew 20 oz bottle, the bottom comes from a A & W root beer bottle. The top hat is fused plastic for the brim and the bottle cap. The back wheel is 2 lids taped together with electrical tape. The big back wheel reminds me of the old fashion white wall smooth tires from the 1910 to 1920's. The top connector piece is a drinking straw painted black. The bottom connector pieces come form the side of large lettuce box. The bones where taken from a Halloween decoration that was painted a brass color. Bits of brass wire used to connect the front pieces and make the axle in the back.

I do regret that I have no skill with electrical stuff. I would love to give this some red glowing eyes and a light source at the bottom to highlight the skeleton body.

I imagine Sir George would have a character very similar to the Cardinal in 3 Musketeers. His hands would rarely get 'dirty' for that is what minions are for.

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